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Equine America

Over the last forty years, Bruce Snipes has pioneered the development of horse supplements, including the first use of electrolytes and of biotin for hooves. In recent years, he created Cortaflex®, which is the number one product for joint supplementation.

Apple Lytes Equine America

Apple Lytes

An electrolyte replacement product and should only be used once the ho...
Better Bones Equine America

Better Bones

To support strong, healthy dense bones.
BLACKDRAW Equine America


A topical application or hoof draw
Citronella Horse Spray Equine America

Citronella Horse Spray

A coat conditioner for horses and ponies.
Copper-Plus Equine America


Supplemental copper and cobalt.
Cortaflex® HA Regular Strength Powder Equine America

Cortaflex® HA Regular Strength Powder

Effectively supports and maintains healthy joints.
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