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Equine Products (UK) Ltd

Established in 1981, Equine Products UK is a pioneer in the supplements market. The company formulates and manufacturers an extensive range of nutritional supplements., aimed at maintaining health and helping the horse achieve its maximum genetic potential.

Hoof Health Spray Equine Products (UK) Ltd

Hoof Health Spray

To support healthy soles, frogs and hooves.
Restore-Lyte® Powder Equine Products (UK) Ltd

Restore-Lyte® Powder

2-in-1 product to replace sweat loss and ionised body salts.
SelenaVite E Liquid Equine Products (UK) Ltd

SelenaVite E Liquid

All-round feed supplement in liquid form.
SelenaVite E® Powder Equine Products (UK) Ltd

SelenaVite E® Powder

All-round feed supplement in powder form.
UK Bio-Trition® Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Bio-Trition®

Aids in the maintenance of healthy hooves.
UK CalaVite® Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK CalaVite®

To aid healthy bone growth and development.
UK Cool It Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Cool It

Ideal for the excitable horse.
UK Copper-Trition® Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Copper-Trition®

To maintain copper levels.
UK FlexiVite HA Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK FlexiVite HA

A second generation liquid joint supplement!
UK Garlic Honey Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Garlic Honey

The natural way to good health.
UK Iron Plus Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Iron Plus

All-round iron tonic. Out of stock
UK Premier E® Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Premier E®

For peak performance and breeding stock.
UK Sand Shifter Equine Products (UK) Ltd

UK Sand Shifter

Aids the removal of sand or grit from the digestive tract.
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