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Acid Ease Protexin® Equine Premium

Acid Ease

Acid Ease for horses is a palatable soft fibre pellet containing fibre...
B-Well Horse First


To support a healthy appetite.
Baileys Garlic Supplement Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys Garlic Supplement

Contains natural garlic oil.
Dodson and Horrell Garlic Powder Dodson & Horrell

Dodson and Horrell Garlic Powder

100% pure garlic powder
Gut Balancer Protexin® Equine Premium

Gut Balancer

A targeted premium probiotic supplement for digestive wellbeing!
Haylage Balancer NAF (Natural Animal Feeds)

Haylage Balancer

Feed daily to balance your horse's haylage-based diet and optimise gut...
Keep Me Sound Horse First

Keep Me Sound

The all-in-one horse supplement that delivers on six fronts for comple...
NAF Biotics NAF (Natural Animal Feeds)

NAF Biotics

A blend of pro and prebiotics for gut stability.
NAF GastriAid NAF (Natural Animal Feeds)

NAF GastriAid

Naturally supports the absence of ulcers in a healthy stomach.
NAF GastriVet NAF (Natural Animal Feeds)

NAF GastriVet

Ideal for all competition horses including those with a predisposition...
NAF In The Pink Powder NAF (Natural Animal Feeds)

NAF In The Pink Powder

Feed when the diet needs balancing with micronutrients and key gut sup...
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