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Equestrizone - Pure Vitamin C

By: Equestrizone®


For support during times of stress and illness, a powerful antioxidant beneficial for connective tissue nutrition

✓ Essential for connective tissue
✓ Useful for horses showing signs of stress, or illness
✓ Useful for older horses and ponies and those undergoing heavy exercise
✓ Recommended for joint, cardiovascular and periodontal support and for extra immune support

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Why does a horse need vitamin c? Vitamin C for horses is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes in the body and it is also vital to a healthy, efficiently-functioning immune system. It is an important water soluble antioxidant in the horse’s body, which limits damage by neutralising free radicals.

In most situations, horses produce enough vitamin C in their own bodies to meet their needs. Eating green, leafy forage also tops up the horse’s vitamin C levels, but there are circumstances where supplementing with vitamin C may be recommended.

During periods of stress or intensive exercise, or in the wake of illness or injury a horse may need more vitamin C than its body can produce. Infectious diseases and extreme cases of parasite infestation may deplete vitamin C production which is why the supplement is sometimes used when caring for rescued horses and ponies found in very poor condition.

Some research suggests that highly-strung horses that become over-stressed by training or racing may stop producing vitamin C - or produce far less. Horses with recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), which used to be called COPD, have depleted levels of vitamin C in their blood and lungs, and they should always be supplemented. All stabled horses could benefit from supplementary vitamin C to help support their airway function.

The source of vitamin C used in a supplement is important because the most commonly used type – ascorbic acid for horses – is not very bioavailable to the horse. Ascorbyl monophosphate, the type used in Equestrizone's Pure Vitamin C, is more bioavailable and is recommended by vets and nutritionists.

Benefits of vitamin c for horses: 

  • Essential in the production of collagen, GAGs and other critical connective tissue elements
  • Neutralises free radicals during times of illness, injury and stress
  • Heavy exercise, illness, injury and stress and can result in loss of vitamin C
  • Horses with RAO are depleted of vitamin C and should always be supplemented
  • Horses on anti-inflammatory medication, corticosteroids or antibiotics may also have depressed levels of vitamin C
  • Recommended for joint, cardiovascular, and periodontal support, as well as stressed, geriatric, injured or horses who need extra immune support




Heavy horse (700kg and over)

15 - 20

1.5 - 2

Average horse (400 - 700kg)

10 - 15

1 - 1.5

Pony (up to 400kg)

5 - 10

0.5 - 1

A 750g tub fed at 10g per day will last 75 days
A 1.5kg tub fed at 10g per day will last 150 days
A 3kg tub fed at 10g per day will last 300 days

1 x level 10 ml scoop (enclosed) = 10g

Serving may be doubled during times of increased stress



Vitamin C 350,000mg/kg (as sodium calcium ascorbyl-2-phosphate, 3a311)


Calcium 7.0%
Phosphorus 10.0%

Sodium 14.4%
Crude Ash 65.0%

A feed additive for horses. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace lid securely to avoid deterioration of contents. Keep out of reach of children

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