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Equestrizone - Val-Kalm®

By: Equestrizone®

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A powerful herbal tonic for anxious or nervous horses

✓ Supports horses with anxiety and nervousness
✓ For difficult or young horses during shoeing, dental or veterinary work and during their early education
✓ Helps maintain low stress levels and good behaviour
✓ Helps horses cope with routine and environment changes such as box-rest and travelling
✓Fast acting and safe for long term use

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Val-Kalm® is a readily-absorbed extract of valerian for horses (Valeriana officinalis) - a powerful calming herb that is useful for anxious or nervous horses, and for helping horses to cope with stressful periods.

Valerian for horses  does not sedate your horse or cause them to become dull or unresponsive. It does not affect the horse’s ability to learn or perform. It is particularly useful for young horses undergoing their early education, and helps to settle horses during their first times travelling, being shod or having dental or veterinary work done. It is also useful for stressed horses and for older horses that find travelling stressful. Horses on box rest, particularly if they have trouble settling, and they are on rest due to a musculoskeletal injury, will benefit from the calming effects of Val-Kalm® 

Val-Kalm® can be used on horses and ponies of all ages and can be safely used on horses that are already excited. It works fast, and results may be seen within 30 minutes (or up to an hour, depending on the individual horse). Val-Kalm® 1:2 strength tincture is the strongest concentration on the equine market and is particularly useful for horses with poor digestion or who are fussy eaters. It gives your horse all the benefits of Valeriana officinalis in a concentrated form that is easily-absorbed into the bloodstream for speedy results.

Liquid extracts are more quickly absorbed and therefore, for the fastest acting calmative, a tincture is better than a powder. 


  • 100% natural calmative
  • Supports horses with anxiety and nervousness
  • Helps maintain low stress levels
  • Maintains good behaviour
  • Helps horses cope with box rest and travelling
  • Helps horses cope with routine and environment changes
  • For young horses during their early education
  • For difficult horses, during shoeing, dental and veterinary work



Loading rate (1 - 10 days)*




1 litre fed at 20ml per day will last 50 days

*Repeat loading rate as required

Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to body weight. It is recommended to feed the loading rate for times of peak requirement. Can be repeated every three hours. Certain horses may respond better if given a regular amount each morning and evening

Results may be seen within 30 minutes (or up to an hour, depending on the individual horse)




Purified water, Ethanol, 1:2 liquid extract of valerian (Valeriana officinalis)


Crude ash >0.1%

Crude fibre >0.1%

Crude oils and fats >0.1%

Crude protein >0.1%

A complementary feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace cap securely to avoid deterioration of contents. Keep out of reach of children

I used this when my horse had to travel to the vets. It worked wonders, calming a very lively horse. He had been on a few weeks of box rest before heading to the vets. He behaved impeccably. Would definitely recommend this for stressful situations your horse comes across.


I have a very sharp horse who prefers to look for monsters rather than work plus who loses weight rapidly in times of stress so I've been using this product for a few months now. It doesn't effect performance just helps takes the edge of things so he can be schooled and hacked out without him (or me!) stressing unnecessarily. He has also kept his weight this year which is a bonus.


I have been using Val-Kalm over the last month and am delighted with the results. Whether we are starting off young horses or settling in new project horses, Val-Kalm is now our product of choice, as we can rely on it to actually work! 

Unlike other calmers which can be a bit hit and miss in terms of effectiveness, Val-Kalm seems to have the desired calming effect on all horses we have tried so far. It has also become popular with some of our livery clients who are a little nervous about hacking their horses out, but perhaps don't require a calmer when schooling. One of the main benefits we have found is that you don't need to use Val-Kalm all the time as you do with other calmers - we simply use it as and when required which makes it more cost effective, and also you don't become too reliant on it!

Tracy Fall

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